Greetings!  My name is Zach and welcome to my site.  Let me explain what this site is about.

Within the past several months, I have done several researches on passive income generators.  They all seemed too good to be true.  They either did not make any logical sense or you had to pay some cash to even get to the goods.

I came across Mike Omar’s website called  As I went through his business model, everything seemed to make sense.  I wouldn’t consider myself an internet mastermind but this really seems to have some potential.

Now his claim is this:  if you follow his action plan, you can make $5,000/month passive income.  To me, that seems pretty far fetched.  Now, if you tell me in 5 years I might expect to make that based on his plan, I might buy it.  But 3-6 months is the general rule for his plan to make some money.  Now obviously he isn’t guaranteeing anything and rightfully so.  This work all depends on how much you put into it.

Now heres the kicker:  I am embarking on a journey with his business plan.  I have no expectations that this will garner up any cash whatsoever (this is just for fun for me).  But what I do want to do is share this journey with you.

Now, I will be withholding certain things, like what I decided to write about (don’t want you to copy me!  Wouldn’t be a fair assessment of his plan), but this will be essentially my blog that will document my journey through his plan.  My goal here is to prove this plan really works, even if it garners a couple hundred bucks a month.  Now, I am not affiliated with Mike whatsoever, however, I felt there are tens of thousands of people across the world that have embarked on similar plans but no one seems to show the journey and issues they face during their adventure.

Now, Join me in this journey together to make some MONEY!  The way to navigate this site is two ways:  I put recent posts in the navigation bar to the right and also on the top.  I also structured them categorically:  Startup,  Traffic Generation and Results.